Dedicated To Elephants Everywhere

Mission Statement

The Elephant Managers Association (EMA) is an international non-profit organization of
professional elephant handlers, administrators, veterinarians, researchers, and elephant
enthusiasts.  The Association is dedicated to the welfare of the world's elephants through
conservation, husbandry, research, education and communication.  Our members, who are
elephant managers in all environments, adhere to a Code of Professional Ethics and are
committed to providing care for elephants at the highest professional level.

Our Vision

EMA members are all working together to ensure elephants' survival.

Whether it is issues that surround managing elephants in human care or the threats that
elephants face in the wild, the EMA is striving to conserve these magnificent animals.

EMA members are people who care about elephants - people who know how important
elephants are.  People who want to learn more about elephants and wish to support the
EMA's conservation efforts.

Elephants are at a crossroads, and the paths are not clearly marked.  Instead of
waiting to see what happens to elephants, let's make something happen, together.


The EMA Conservation Committee is excited to announce another opportunity to support our counterparts in Asia with the continuation of the “Hoof Knives for Mahouts” program!  This year the EMA Conservation Committee will be teaming up with the International Elephant Foundation to provide hoof knives for mahouts in Myanmar. A donation of just $10 will provide a mahout with a much needed tool and improve the lives of the elephants at the Myaing Hay Wun elephant camp. To make a donation, visit the EMA website at: Please specify that your donation is for the “Hoof knives for Mahouts-Myanmar” project.
- April Yoder, Chair EMA Conservation Committee

Development and Support of an Elephant Conservation Center, Myanmar
Deborah Olson
Executive Director
International Elephant Foundation