Membership Opportunity- Become a Gray Matters Co-editor!

Apply to be the Gray Matters Co-editor!


We are bringing back our Gray Matters publication this year. Gray Matters is a quarterly publication for EMA Members. Each issue will contain updates from assigned committees, small articles and photos that highlight the corresponding theme for each edition. We are looking for an additional co-editor for this publication. You must be an EMA Member to be a co-editor.


Co-Editor Goals:

  1. To meet the publication dates and additional instructions given by BOD Liaison (Tripp Gorman).
  2. To recruit material, use the assigned theme for inspiration while providing EMA Members with an informative publication.
  3. To work together with other co-editor (Shar Carlini) on all aspects of this publication.


To apply to this opportunity click here to download the application and submit it to Tripp Gorman at: by November 15, 2017.