EMA 2019 Fundraiser

We’re headed to the mile high city in 2019 for our annual conference, October 7-10th. The Denver Zoo is home to five male Asian elephants. This fundraising campaign will help our host cover expenses endured while hosting the Elephant Managers Association Conference in 2019, which brings together professional elephant keepers, administrators, veterinarians, researchers, and enthusiasts from around to the world.

“Amazebullz” was created by a couple of Denver Zoo keepers after chatting about all the amazing accomplishments in their elephant program. Successful bull introductions, innovative blood draw techniques, and musth research data, are just a few things that make this program “Amazebullz!”. You can follow their program’s journey at #Amazebullz to view many pictures, stories, and successes on social media.

EMA believes that this t-shirt is a great symbol of the dedication and commitment the Denver Zoo has for its resident bull elephants.

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