2019 EMA Conference Keynote Speaker #1

The EMA Is proud to announce we will have two keynote speakers at the 2019 EMA Conference in Denver on October 7-10th. Delegates will have to opportunity to hear important aspects of elephant management from these three keynote speakers. Please register here and join us as we welcome our first keynote speaker.



2019 EMA Conference Keynote Speaker #1

Gerardo Martínez, DVM

Elephant Supervisor, Africam Safari


Gerardo Martínez is the Elephant Supervisor at Africam Safari in Mexico. Gerardo has been an animal trainer for 20 years and has experience with several species, specializing in mega vertebrates. He also serves the industry as a consultant of animal training and behavior management. Currently he consults for Yolcati in Spain and the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation in Thailand. His consultant work has allowed him to advise 50+ zoos and animal holding facilities among 24 countries. He is the co-founder of the Elephant target training Project in Southeast Asia and is a member of multiple industry associations. He continues to foster development in the next generation as a professor of the Wildlife Medicine course at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.


Dr. Martínez will present Alternatives of support for the traditional training of elephants in Southeast Asia at this year’s conference. The management of captive elephants in Southeast Asian countries is based on conventional ancestral techniques that although they are highly effective, they can be enriched by parallel methods that respect the culture and local customs. With appropriate orientation, the highly skilled traditional elephant trainers, the mahouts, can diversify their ingrained knowledge by incorporate alternatives that are easy to learn and use, and that would upgrade the perception of proper care and handling that will result in great benefits for themselves and their elephants, and it will hopefully be transmitted to future generations.